Digital Recognition Network (DRN) is a data and analytics provider that drives measurable business value for the Financial Services, Insurance and Asset Recovery industries. Leveraging our data and services on a real-time basis, our clients more effectively optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk.

  • Accelerate the time value of assets
  • Reduce asset charge-offs
  • Net 12% lift in asset value return
  • Recover assets fast (8-10 days vs. 30-45 days)
  • Find assets in places where you are not looking for them

An industry pioneer in vehicle location data and license plate recognition technology and services, DRN covers every major metropolitan area in the United States and fuels a national network of Affiliates. DRN maintains the largest vehicle location database in existence and proudly adheres to strict standards of privacy, compliance, and data integrity.

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